Morning Workshops I

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Sex, Shame, and Suicide

Featuring: Chuck Franks, LCSW, CST, Integrated Health Counseling

This workshop takes a look at the cycle of sex, shame, and suicide when health care is not easily accessible to communities. The inability to find inclusive, non-judgmental health care can become a debilitating problem, which contributes to depression and often times suicide. This real and powerful workshop will help you better understand the consequences of systemic challenges within health care systems and the importance of breaking institutional barriers so all communities can access critical health care.

Chuck Franks' clients find it empowering to not just talk about a problem but also to create ways of coping through learning new skills and allowing new perspectives. He helps clients who want to be truly authentic. Sexuality and the pursuit of our sexual health is important as we strive to integrate our expression into our relationships. Franks helps individuals incorporate their true selves into their relationships. His specialties are sexual problems, issues of sexual identity/orientation, consensual non-monogamy, out of control sexual behavior more commonly known as sex or porn addiction. Franks works from a sexual health model which doesn't pathologize sexuality. He works collaboratively with clients and help clarify goals both as a starting point but also as they shift over the course of their lifespan. At his office, Integrated Health Counseling, Franks offers LGBTQ, kink, and poly-aware services.





Panel Discussion: Addressing the Gap in Health Care for the Transgender Community

Featuring: Stephanie Mott, Nyla Foster, Carmen Xavier, Suzanne Wheeler

This team of transgender rights advocates will help you step into the shoes of a transgender patient and understand how to improve the health care experience. Stephanie Mott, Carmen Xavier, Suzanne Wheeler, and Nyla Foster will offer practical advice on gender inclusive language and delve into the way transgender patients perceive medical culture. They'll help translate that into solutions to improve the health care environment.

Stephanie Mott (right) is the Founder/Director of the Transgender Faith Tour and President/Executive Director of Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project. She is a columnist for Liberty Press and a volunteer blogger for Huffington Post. She has published more than 100 articles about being transgender. She has provided nearly 400 workshops and presentations related to gender identity in venues from college classes to mental health centers to jails, prisons and hospitals. She is currently serving as the community liaison for transgender inmates with the Shawnee County (Kansas) Jail.

Carmen Xavier, CRNA, RN

“Health care delivery to the transgendered community must be proactive, informational, political and personal. All this before the traditional medical modalities are delivered. Perhaps most importantly, effective health care delivery requires that the professional establish a relationship of trust, tolerance and acceptance. This requires an honest and vigorous self-introspection as we identify our own individual prejudices and preconceived ideas.”

Suzanne Wheeler, PPGP Outreach Coordinator

Suzanne Wheeler holds an M.A. in strategic studies and public policy and is a retired U.S. Army Colonel. She serves in multiple capacities on several local and national LGBTQIA and veteran’s organizations. Suzanne was the highest ranking “out” transgender officer on Active Duty at the time of her retirement. She was a member of the team which assisted former Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, with the lifting of the ban against transgender military service.  She voluntarily presents to military and civilian leadership and health care providers about improved accommodation of transgender personnel and clients.  Suzanne is a visible advocate for sexual and reproductive rights and is the Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator at Planned Parenthood Great Plains. She is a published author and is currently co-authoring a work on LGBT leadership.