Afternoon Workshops I

*Routine Inquiry of LARCs in Safety Planning for Abuse Survivors

Featuring: Dr. Tina Bloom

Healthcare providers can play one of the most critical roles in empowering women in abusive relationships and helping them increase safety for themselves and their children. You’ll learn pragmatic guidelines for screening and routine inquiry about violence in clinical settings and connecting women with safety planning strategies and resources, and specific strategies for helping women manage reproductive and sexual coercion while safely regaining control over their reproductive decision-making. *This workshop is eligible for 1.5 Continuing Nursing Education credits.

Tina Bloom, BSN, MPH, Ph.D., joined the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri in August 2008. Her research focuses on prevention of intimate partner violence - an exceedingly complex and challenging women's health issue. This is a critical problem in the state of Missouri, which has the third-highest rate of physical violence during pregnancy of any state and approximately one intimate partner homicide a week. Ms. Bloom designs effective and innovative interventions that keep abuse survivors safe.

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Power of Storytelling

Featuring: Beth Lynk

Under the Trump/Pence administration, extreme attacks on access to health care have threatened millions of Americans including those who choose Planned Parenthood health centers. Patients sharing their stories through town halls, social media, and traditional media have forced lawmakers to think twice. This workshop will take a look at how health care organizations can work closely with patients and supporters to humanize what often gets politicized. Storytelling is a powerful tool in reminding lawmakers and the general public about "the who" in dangerous policies.

Beth Lynk is State Policy Press Officer for Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, focused on shaping the media narrative around state policy fights, investigations, and related lawsuits. This includes strategic communications planning; developing earned media opportunities; and sharing best practices, messaging and other resources among affiliates. Follow Beth on Twitter @BethNotFlo.  

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The National Policy Landscape

Featuring: Lauren Robbins

Lauren will walk participants through an overview of the 2017 legal and legislative state landscape with a focus on national trends in policy and litigation. Participants in this workshop can expect to get an overview of the 2017 legislative session to date, including trends and examples of new policies that anti-abortion lawmakers have tried to enact; be updated on the Affordable Care Act repeal fight on Capitol Hill and the impact of excluding Parenthood Parenthood from federal funding streams; develop their understanding of the impact of the Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt decision and how it is being used in the courts today; and learn how certain states are fighting back by pushing proactive policies to repeal unconstitutional policies and make proactive gains.

Lauren R. Robbins is Policy Counsel in the Public Policy Litigation & Law Department of PPFA where she advises Planned Parenthood affiliates on public policy and legal strategy and assists affiliates in developing their defensive and proactive legislative initiatives. Prior to joining PPFA, Lauren was an associate with a national law firm in its FDA and Healthcare group and spent time as a loaned associate at the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, working to ensure her clients would have access to safe and affordable housing. Lauren received her JD and Masters in Bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania and her BA from Brown University.  When she's not working, Lauren enjoys distance running, coffee, and spending time with her family.